RELAX AND RESET at The Green Turtle Kava Bar
A Modern-Day Speak-Easy and Tea House in our Nation’s Oldest City!

Our drinks provide a soothing and relaxing effect for your mind, body, and spirit.
We take pride in providing the highest quality of Botanical Teas and Premium Kava from the South Pacific.

Kava shell with powder and spoon

St. Augustine’s
Original Kava Bar

St. Augustines’s original Kava Bar is a place to reset during the day and connect with your friends for quality conversation. This location features a steady calendar of events which include live musicians, trivia night, gaming, AND MORE.

Additionally, St. Augustine’s Kava Bar provides daily specials no matter what day you stop in. See below the latest daily specials list on all traditional kava, kratom tea, and coffee products:

Kava Bar Daily Specials

MondayJust Another Manic Monday… Happy Hour – BOGO traditional kava & tea 2-4pm
TuesdayTurtle Tuesdays…BOGO
ANY size botanical tea ALL DAY
WednesdayWind Down Wednesday… Happy Hour – BOGO kava & tea 2-4pm
ThursdayThirsty Thursday Ladies Night… BOGO kava & tea 7-10pm
FridayFeisty Friday… HAPPY HOUR – BOGO kava & tea 2-4pm
SaturdaySerenade Saturday… LIVE MUSIC… from TBD… 
SundaySunday Funday… 20% off all specialty drinks 11-2pm


Kava is an evergreen plant that is primarily native to the South Pacific. Kava is an ancient root that has been utilized for over 2,000 years and features many health-oriented elements. The history of the Kava plant is based primarily around celebrations, health properties, and spiritual traditions. Kava has a subtle, calming effect; thus, allowing your body to feel more relaxed and at peace. Some of the various options that we feature include: Lami Kava, Lami Brown Kava, as well as Waka Kava.

At Green Turtle Kava Bar St. Augustine we cultivate an inviting and relaxing atmosphere.

Whether you’re looking for a quiet place to get some work done or a moment for yourself to relax; you have found your home. Come enjoy a delightful South Pacific experience, meet new friends, enjoy an afternoon movie, or stop in for a moment and grab a tea to-go.

The essence of our company is to provide a place where you can rejuvenate your soul and recuperate from the stresses of every-day life.

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Kava shell with powder and spoon

Benefits of Kava

-Utilized to rejuvenate and relax

-Studies suggest, its properties help to decrease anxiety, reduce stress and help with sleep issues

-Many of these properties have been utilized for health-oriented purposes in the early 19th Century 

-Overall feeling of euphoria and relaxation

Tea example at green turtle kava bar

Benefits of Exotic Teas

-White Exotic Teas: increases productivity and concentration, elevated mood booster, stimulant, energy enhancer

-Green Exotic Teas: mild energy booster, enhances focus, reduces social anxieties

Red Exotic Teas: provides body relaxation, promotes feelings of well-being and confidence